Tanaka Hello Kitty Furikake Rice Seasoning Assortment, 20 sachets, 48 G

Give your rice extra flavour with the help of Hello Kitty. This furikake rice seasoning assortment includes 20 sachets of dry seasoning mixes, including fish roe, bonito, egg, salmon and nori.



Ingredients and Allergens:

Allergens are displayed in bold below.

Sesame, Starch, Sugar, Salt, Lactose (Milk), Cod Roe (Fish), Extract (Fish, Pork, Chicken, Yeast), Seaweed, Cod (Fish), Wheat Flour, Mackerel (Fish), Glucose, Wheat Germ, Bonito (Fish), Protein Hydrolysate, Rice Oil, Powdered Egg, Wheat Protein, Fermented Seasoning, Spinach, Dextrin, Soya Bean Protein, Soy Sauce (Wheat), Whey Calcium (Milk), Almond, Glucose Syrup, Mirin Rice Wine, Onion, Green Tea, Salmon (Fish), Amino Acid, Red Yeast Rice, Caramel, Carotenoid, Turmeric, Sorbitol, Leavening Agent, Calcium From Eggshells, Tamarind, Acidifier, Anti-oxidant (Vit. E)

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