Shinshin Washoku Jiman Fukujinzuke Pickled Radish, 150 G


This tear-open bag of pickled radish is commonly used to garnish Japanese curry dishes for greater flavour and added crunchiness. Made of radish, aubergine, lotus root, perilla leaf and ginger pickled in a soy base, its sweet and crunchy bite is ideal for onigiri rice balls.



Ingredients and Allergens:

Allergens are displayed in bold below.

Radish, Aubergine, Cucumber, Sword Bean, Perilla, Lotus Root, Sesame, Seasoning For Pickles (Sugar), Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat), Salt, Spice), Seasoning(Amino Acid, Monosodium L-glutamate), Acidulant, Sweetener, Essence, Colourings, Thickener

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