SEMPIO Seasoned Gochujang Sauce 320 g


Made 100% vegan from matured gochujang red pepper paste to provide a pungent taste, this popular Korean condiment drizzles stir-fries, soups and even burgers in rich, aromatic spices and flavour, including crisp garlic and onion.



Ingredients and Allergens:

Allergens are displayed in bold below.

Hot Pepper Paste(Wheat), Sugar, Vinegar, Sweetener: E965, Polyglycitol Syrup, Onion, Garlic, Red Pepper Powder, Soy Sauce, Spring Onion, Onion Seasoning Oil, Salt, Spirits, Wheat Protein Extract, Water, Onion Extract, Flavour Enhancer: E627, E631, Color: E160c.

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