Otafuku Takoyaki Sauce, 300 ML

A fruity, rich and savoury Japanese-style barbecue sauce, specially designed to complement takoyaki octopus balls. Enjoy the combined flavour of various fruits and vegetables with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, seafood extract and spices.



Ingredients and Allergens:

Allergens are displayed in bold below.

Vegetable・fruit (Tomato, Onion, Apple, Date, Others), Sugar, Glucose Fructose Syrup, Vinegar, Amino Acid, Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat), Salt, Starch, Alcohol, Worcester Sauce, Spice, Oyster Extract (Molluscs), Kelp Extract, Yeast Extract, Meat Extract, Hydrolysed Protein, Fish Extract, Scallop Extract (Molluscs), Thickener (Processed Starch, Polysaccharide), Seasoning (Amino Acid, Monosodium Glutamate), Caramel Colouring, Meat Extract (Chicken, Pork), Peach, Apple.

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