NH Foods Chicken Karaage Wings, 500 g


"Half-cut" middle chicken wings made with a special blend of herbs and spices, deep fried to perfection. These chicken wings can be microwaved, oven-cooked or re-fried.

Delivered frozen. Please ensure this product is transferred to the freezer immediately.



Ingredients and Allergens:

Allergens are displayed in bold below.

Chicken, Water, Wheat Flour, Soybean Oil, Starch (Potato, Tapioca), Spice (White Pepper, Black Pepper, Paprika, Onion, Cardamom, Mace, Clove, Marjoram, Tarragon), Salt, Soy Sauce Powder, Dextrose, Stabilisers (Trisodium Citrate, Sodium Carbonates, Potassium Chloride), DL-Alanine, Maltodextrin, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Egg White Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder. Chicken From Thailand.

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