Morita Gomadare Sudachi Ponzu Sesame Sauce, 300 ml


Infused with fragrant citrusy sudachi juice from Japan, the balance between savoury, nutty fragrance from sesame seeds and refreshing fruitiness makes this sesame sauce ideal for enjoying with rich savoury foods such as nabe hotpots, grilled meats and cold tofu dishes.



Ingredients and Allergens:

Allergens are displayed in bold below.

Soy Sauce (Including Soybeans, Wheat), Sudachi Citrus Juice, Sugar, Sesame Paste, Mashed Stock (Bonito Flakes (Fish), Mackerel (Fish), Sardine(Fish)), Mirin, Ground Sesame, Chicken Extract (Including Wheat, Gelatine), Kelp Extract, Salt, Spice, Yeast Extract, Wheat Fermentation Seasoning, Thickener (Modified Starch)

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