Imuraya Matcha Green Tea Dessert Sauce Easy Squeeze Bottle, 210 g

Using matcha grown in the city of Uji in Kyoto, this squeeze bottle of matcha green tea sauce from Imuraya can be used for various desserts. Simply give it a generous squeeze on mochi, ice cream, pancakes, matcha lattes and matcha biscuits for an enjoyable earthy aromatic flavour. Try your hand at making authentic Japanese matcha green tea desserts.



Ingredients and Allergens:

Allergens are displayed in bold below.

High Fructose Corn Syrup, Mizuame Starch Syrup, Matcha Green Tea Powder, Agar / Thickener (Processed Starch, Thickening Polysaccharides), Colouring, Acidulant.

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