Ichiba Kitchen Sushi Platter

Make every celebration special with our hand made sushi platter, made fresh for you daily by our in house chefs using only the freshest ingredients, sliced tuna and salmon, signature rolls, hosomaki and nigiri. Pair with a bottle of artisan sake for a truly special Japanese feast with family & friends.

The selection includes:

Salmon & Avocado Masago Roll 
Tuna & Avocado Masago Roll
California Crab Roll
Tuna Hosomaki
Salmon Hosomaki
Cucumber Hosomaki
Avocado Sesame Roll
Ikura Gunkan
Salmon Nigiri
Tuna Nigiri
Prawn Nigiri
Octopus Nigiri

Made fresh every day. Delivered chilled. Refrigerate immediately and consume on the same day of arrival.

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