Hikari Miso Seasoned Fried Bean Curd For Inari Sushi, 12 pieces

Subtle brown sugar taste for a mellow finish, these inari fried tofu wraps are shaped like pockets and are already cooked so can be prepared quickly. Simply fill the pouches with rice and shape for delicious inari sushi.



Ingredients and Allergens:

Allergens are displayed in bold below.

Fried Soybean Curd( Soybeans, Rapeseed Oil, Calcium Chloride, Glycerine Fatty Acid Ester, Calcium Carbonate, Soybean Lecithin), Isoglucose, Water, Soy Sauce(Water, Wheat, Salt, Alcohol), Vinegar(Alcohol, Grains, Salt, Sake Lees, Water), Sugar, Fermented Seasoning(Sugar, Water, Sweet Cooking Rice Wine, Fermented Rice Seasoning, Alcohol, Salt), Salt, Sodium Acetate.

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